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Available Fabrics

  • Canvas (full block out Ė room darkening). 

  • Acrylic (lets through filtered light, full privacy)

  • Sunscreen (allow view of outside)

Convertible Awnings

Convertible Awnings are a fantastic fabric awning choice for windows that require protection from the sunís harsh rays and heat.

The convertible awnings classic style has minimal moving parts to ensure years of reliable service.  (Fabric can be changed in years to come with original frames still used).

The convertible is a pivoting arm retractable awning and is generally externally controlled with cord operation, with choice of either left or right hand control.

Convertible awnings also have the options of the following:
Coverboxes (protecting the roll of fabric at the top)

Internal Control (for difficult external access of operation)

Crank Control (for ease of use by operator or larger awnings)

External Winch (for ease of use by operator or larger awnings)

Spring Loaded Arms (spring arm convertible)

Coverbox Option

Winch Operation
These options make Convertible Awnings an ideal choice for general external operation, or internal operation where external access may be difficult ie. Windows that require protection on a 2nd floor.

Florentine Awnings

Florentine Awnings are a variation of the Convertible Awning.

Their main purpose is to give access past the arms & front rail when the awning is down.  The pivoting point on the arms can be adjusted up or down on a running iron so access can still be made to doorways or passage ways without the extended arm being an obstacle.


Fabric Automatic Awnings




Fabric Automatic Awnings can sit closely to walls or fixing points.

Automatics are generally supplied and installed with coverboxes at the top.  Coverboxes come in a wide range of colours.

These spring-loaded awnings are particularly useful on windows with long drops, they are close to the wall and still allow airflow.  The various projections available see a multitude of applications from walkways and balconies.  Short 150mm arm, standard 300mm arm and even 600mm arms for hopper windows.

The close proximity to the wall and spring-loaded top roller see these awnings as a very popular choice.

Fabric automatic awnings can easily have the fabric recovered and still use the existing fittings when the fabric is dated or worn.

Stainless steel arms and running irons are available.

Automatic 150mm arms

System 2000


Robusta MF700

These heavy duty pivoting arm awnings have aluminium Front Rail & Spring Loaded Arms.

Robusta MF700 are ideal for larger windows and patios with long Spans (up to 6metres).

Operation is by crank control or optional motorisation. (remote or hardwired)


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