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Folding Arm Awnings

The heavy-duty Folding Arm Awning is great for terraces, balconies, shop-fronts & restaurants, with widths of 6 metres offering 3.6m in projection coverage.

Widths and projections are customised to meet your personal requirements.

There is a choice of standard or pitch control arms.  Customers themselves can easily adjust the pitch between 5° and 45° depending on the requirement.

A standard folding arm awning is manually controlled/operated but can easily have the following options added for ease of use all at the press of a button.

The fabric used on folding arm awnings is acrylic which is lightweight but very strong.

Remote control operation

Wind sensors (retracts the awning in windy weather)


Robusta MF700

These heavy duty pivoting arm awnings have aluminium Front Rail & Spring Loaded Arms.

Robusta MF700 are ideal for larger windows and patios with long Spans (up to 6metres).

Operation is by crank control or optional motorisation. (remote or hardwired)


Fixed Fabric Awnings

Aluminium framed, Cupola  (½ circle) Carriage Frame, square edged.

Fixed Fabric Awnings can be covered in canvas, acrylic or vinyl depending on the customer’s needs.

From plains to stripes these awnings will dress up your doorways and windows whilst offering you protection from the elements.

Carriage Frame  (Underside)                            Carriage Frame



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